Permanent Botanicals

Permanent botanicals (formerly called artificial flowers!) are an Askren specialty. Our deep inventory is of the highest quality and most innovative available from our numerous resources. We purchase in “collections” of materials; cherry-picked for style, season, and design trend.

Botanically correct succulents, cacti, sansevieria, tropicals, orchids; garden flowers and foliages fill the warehouse.

Dried materials, both naturally dried and preserved, compliment the permanents and include grasses, flowering, reeds, pods, cones, and mosses from around the world.

As a plus, Askrens offers custom-design services. Designers may provide their clients containers, or select from the extensive collection available. Our in-house design staff reviews design boards, specifications, etc. with the designer to satisfy the project requirements. Should trees be required, Askrens also builds 4-foot to 15-foot tall trees on natural trunks. Palms, leafy varieties, desert and even fantasy styles can be ordered. For quick delivery, pre-made plants and trees from our floor selection are readily available as well.

Askrew & Sons Permanent Botanicals Askrew & Sons Permanent Botanicals